Wine fender

The Vinopren wine fender is our patented global novelty that is a must-have for every fashion-conscious sailor and hobby captain. It creates the perfect combination of a maritime lifestyle and authentic wine consumption in a unique way. The wine fender is an original boat fender that was converted into a handmade waterproof wine fender. It is important to know that it isn‘t filled up with air but with your known Spürnasen wine bag which is easy to handle: just take the wine skin out of the Bag-in-Box and place it in the Vinopren wine fender. This way, the wine can be drawn easily and clean so you won’t have any problems with soaked cartons. With the option to hang up the wine fender you can easily store it on your boat or in your cellar. We offer sizes of 2 and 3 litre and both fenders are wrapped with an original Jacquar-fender net that can be knitted (not printed) with “Manöverschluck” or your personal signature. Even your own logo is possible. Another way of using the 5l version is to replace the wine skin by a 5l beer barrel that fits just perfectly!

Wine bag - Wine fender

The wine fender makes the Spürnasen wine skins waterproof and is all in all very resistant. The wine fender can be filled up with a standard drinking tube of wine or juice. This allows one or the other sip of the wine-fender – totally incognito!

Surprise your guests by taking a boatfender and serve wine out of it!

The wine fender fits perfectly in your party cellar as well!

Material PVC; coat made out of jacquard fabric
Size 3l holding capacity
5l holding capacity
Coat standard: anchor motif + writing “Manöverschluck”
version 1: with individual writing (e.g. boat name)
version 2: with individual motif (logo)

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