Rosé wine


Contrary to the widespread opinion, rosé wine is neither made by white berries nor is it a product of mixing several wines. For the pressing of rosé we only use red and blue vines. Its typical salmon/ cherry-red colouration depends on the time the grape skins have to release their colour pigments to the mash.

The Spürnasen rosé wines are very popular especially in fresh summer temperatures due to their freshness. No matter if you choose the practical Bag-in-Box or if you prefer our classy beautiful bottles, rosé wine is just perfect for every situation.




Organic rosé wine 2014 vegan



Sophisticated, fine fruity, clear organic Rosé from the Palatinate with present residual sweetness, without seeming too sweet- which causes the desire for a second glass. A complex selection of the best grapes only enables this quality of Rosé. Well chilled on a balmy summer night on the balcony- what else could you ask for? Simply fun from sip one! Can you feel it?



  • Acidity 33.3%
  • Sweetness 66.7%
  • Yellow Fruitiness 33,3%
  • Exotic Fruitiness 66.7%
  • Flowery 50.0%
  • Spiciness 50.0%



Bild Aromaprofil Diagramm Bio-Rosé vegan







Content. 0,75l or 2,25l.
Packaging. Bottle or Bag-in-Box.
Alcoholic content. 12.0%.
Drinking temperature. 9-10°C.
Wine region. Palatinate (Pfalz).
Cultivation district. Northern wine route.
Town. Bockenheim.
Vine variety. Portugieser.
Vintage. 2014.
Taste. Dry.
Certification. Organic. Vegan.




Bild Rosewein Bio-Rosé vegan

Rosewein Rosé Trocken


rosé wine dry 2013



A very fruity Pinot Noir with a clear taste of ripe raspberry and strawberry with a violet underlined blue note. In the mouth the Rosé presents a discreet sweetness and a creamy structure. It’s berry impression has a long and pleasant aftertaste.


  • Acidity 50%
  • Sweetness 50%
  • Colour 50%
  • Fruitiness 100%
  • Flowery 50%
  • Spiciness 33.3%




Bild Aromaprofil Rosewein Rose Baden




Content. 0,75l or 2,25l.
Packaging. Bottle or Bag-in-Box.
Alcoholic content. 11.5%.
Drinking temperature. 9-10°C.
Wine region. Baden.
Cultivation district. Kaiserstuhl.
Town. Eichstetten.
Vine variety. Pinot Noir.
Vintage. 2013.
Taste. Dry.



Rosé wine semi-dry 2013




A wonderful wine with the slim residual sweetness from palatinan Portugieser grapes in a cooled state is just perfect – not only for a girls night out! The scent reminds of red berries and while zipping it spreads a fruity taste with a present but not disturbing sweetness. Simple but beware: it is playful and addictive!



  • Acidity 16,7%
  • Sweetness 83,3%
  • Colour 33,3%
  • Fruitiness 83.3%
  • Flowery 66.7%
  • Spiciness 16,7%



Bild Aromaprofil Rosewein Rosé Pfalz







Content. 0.75l.
Packaging. Bottle.
Alcoholic content. 10.0%.
Drinking temperature. 9-10°C.
Wine region. Palatinate (Pfalz).
Cultivation district. Mittel-Hardt.
Town. Bobenheim.
Vine variety. Portugieser.
Vintage. 2013.
Taste. Semi-dry.



Bild Rosewein Rosé Pfalz Flasche

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