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Wine Tours


Following the motto „Tracking down delights with all senses“, the Spürnasen take experts and beginners to a several days wine journey along the most beautiful wine regions in Europe. Wine lovers get a fascinating view behind the scenes of the vine cultivation, located in an amazing landscape. The fellow guests will await a mix of wine sensory and cuisine, exquisite degustation menus and local culinary specialities, wine degustation, cellar guiding as well as trips to regional distinctions.

For the Spürnasen all doors are opened which normally stay closed. Travelling in a special way.

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“Great tour, great effort on a qualitative high level that fulfilled all my expectations. Thank you!” W. Schneider

“We really enjoyed the wine journey and felt very comfortable within the group.” G. Glaser


The wine region Ribera del Duero

Located in the middle of Castilia-León, Ribera del Duero is named after the river Duero which flows through the region.
Geographically, Ribera del Duero is a 115 km wide and 35 km broad land stripe on a Castilian high plateau which is divided in the provinces Burgos, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid. The soil is sandy and it is based on massive layers of limestone.
Little rainfall, a dry climate and 2350 hours of sun per year combined with a nutrient-rich soil provide perfect wine growing conditions.


The Palatinate wine region (Pfalz)

The Palatinate as a region for wine cultivation has a very long tradition which their people are aware and proud of and maintain adequately. The 85 km wide wine region in the east of the Haardt-Mountains has become the second biggest wine cultivation area in Germany. Every 3rd bottle that is bought in Germany has its origin in the Palatinate!
The mainly pressed red berries are Portugieser, Pinot Noir and Dornfelder. Among experts these are well established kinds of wines in the German wine culture.

The red grapes make about 40% of all the wines produced in Germany. Every year you can find them with top scores at national wine competitions.


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