Wine bags

The cool wine bags from our Vinopren Range are the perfect accessories for the Bag-in-Box wines from the SPÜRNASEN. They are made of real canvas exclusively for us in a trendy SPÜRNASEN design, they are sewed on a high quality level and are extremely robust. Just take the wineskin out of the Bag-in-Box and put in the Vinopren Wine bag. After emptying, it can be replaced easily by a new one with no need to clean the Wine Bag. Cooled Wineskins stay cold for about 2 or 3 hours, by using an aditional Vinopren Wine Bag COOLER, that is available as well, even cooler and longer. The Wineskin fits perfect in the COOLER and both can be put in the Vinopren Wine Bag!

The practical part about it is the handles and the forced soil bottom of the Wine Bag. That is why the Wine Bags can be carried, hang up or just be placed anywhere. With these attributes the Wine Bag is a perfect companion for excursions like camping, hiking, biking or sailing. The Wine Bags are available in 3 and 5 litres of capacity and in 11 attractive colours what makes them to a highly sought-after accessory.

Weintasche Bag-in-Box
The Vinopren Winebag makes the SPÜRNASEN Wineskins suitable for any outdoor activities. The Winebags, made out of real canvas, are spray-waterproofed, very robust and suitable for any customary beverage skins (wine or juices). The Wineskin can be easily put in the Winebag and the glasses can be directly filled up from there. Cooled Wineskins remain cool for 3 to 4 hours. This prevents handling with badly shaped classical coolers on any kind of outdoor activities. The Winebag is the perfect companion on the sailing-boat, a bike trip, a picnic, for a lawn party or for camping and hiking activities!
Material. real canvas.
Sizes. 3l-capacity 5l-capacity.
Colours. white neon yellow yellow orange red pink turquoise light blue dark blue grey black

Wine Bag Cooler: a neoprene insert for the Wine Bag

The neoprene insulation insert for the Vinopren Wine Bags (in all sizes). Just put the wine skin in the Wine Bag COOLER and then you put it, like usually, in the Vinopren Wine Bag. The inset, made of neoprene, has excellent insulation abilities what brings a better insulation effect and a long lasting cooling.

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