Vinopren – Wine accessories for Bag-in-Box

Vinopren is the Spürnasens’ rage of accessories. Like the name already tells, Vinopren offers practical, stylish and authentic accessories made of water-repellent material for the Spürnasen Bag-in-Box. The only disadvantage of the Bag-in-Box relies in the fact that the exterior carton, once it gets in touch with water, gets sodden.

For exactly this problem the Spürnasen invented the Vinopren. Instead of cartons the wine skins get inserted into wine bags or fenders. This way the wrapping of the wine is moisture-proof and thanks to the handle they are easy to carry.

Compared to bottles made of glass you save lots of weight and there is no danger due broken glass. This makes the Vinopren range so popular among sailors, hikers, bikers and campers!

Wine bag Vinopren

Wine bag

Wine bag - Wine fender

Wine fender

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