Organic wine




Organic wine is wine from ecological cultivation. This means that the vineyard is seen as a complete ecological system which should be kept in balance. This implies a biologically active ground that provides the basis for healthy grapes and a lot of species of wild flora. Beneficial insects such as several flies, beetles and spiders get actively promoted so that there is no need for insecticides. Artificial fertilizers and other chemical-synthetic substances are prohibited in the ecological wine cultivation. All these measures contribute actively to the climate, resource and environmental protection.

Almost all the Spürnasen wines of the 2014 vintage originate from ecological cultivation and are organic certified. The winemakers who we work with are either members of Ecovin, the National Federation of Organic Vintners or of Bioland, the registered Association for Organic Agriculture. All organic winegrowers work according to strict guidelines that are even stricter than the current European Regulation (EC). The results are high qualitative organic wines from German wine growing areas. The organic inspections of both associations are strictly regulated, so that the consumers can rely on the organic declaration with a good conscience. The Spürnasen get checked once a year by the Institute for Market Ecology, therefor the wines are allowed to wear the EU eco label. Discover our extraordinary organic wines with an individual character.



Spürnasen Bio-Sortiment Wein


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