Olive oil in the Bag-in-Box

Olive oil is a very healthy vegetable oil consisting of 70 % mono-unsaturated fats and basically being cholesterol-free.
It contains over 200 other substances like polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins (vitamin E and provitamin A) that play an important role within a healthy diet. However, mostly significant is the quality of the olive oil, because low quality (refined) oil contains far less healthy substances.

Olive oil is divided in three levels of quality. Lampan oil is the lowest quality and is often pressed from fallen and rotten olives. It has to get refined chemically and up rated with native olive oil before it can be sold as olive oil. The second level of quality is native olive oil, where overripe or damaged olives get pressed. The first and highest quality level is called native olive oil extra which means that only hand-picked and ripe fruits from the trees are taken. To prevent any oxidation processes the fruits get pressed immediately.

The aromatic and well-tasting olive oils from the Spürnasen are only native olive oils extra with top quality. They get carefully cold-pressed without using any heat, so that the temperature never rises above 27 °C. This way, they keep all their healthy substances.
The Spürnasen deliver the olive oil in a Bag-in-Box. The cardboard box protects the oil from light and the plastic tube inside prevents any air contact, so the oil cannot oxidize nor ferment. A rancid taste gets prevented and the tasty olive oil can be used for more than one year after opening.


Native olive oil Bag-in-Box Greece

Olive oil Psiloelies (Crete/Greece)

A very fresh and balanced olive oil made out of the greek psiloelies olive with a typical decent grass green aroma. In the nose it develops an odour of grass and green bananas.

  • Intensity 50%
  • Fruityness 50%
  • Bitterness33,3%
  • Spicyness83,3%


Bild Aromaprofil Olivenöl Griechenland Psiloelies

Quality. native olive oil extra. 1st class
Region. Crete/Greece.
Olive sort. Psiloelies.
Production. Direct cold pressing of the olive mechanically without higher temperatures than 27° C.
Form. Bag-in-Box.

Olive oil Arbequina (Catalonia/Spain)

Very harmonic, balanced and fruity olive oil from the arbequina olive with a typical decent nutty taste. In the nose it develops an odour of ripe fruits and a decent almond note.

  • Intensity 33,3%
  • Fruityness 50%
  • Bitterness33,3%
  • Spicyness50,0%
Quality. native olive oil extra 1st class.
Region. Catalonia. Spain.
Olive sort. Arbequina.
Production. Direct cold pressing of the olive mechanically without higher temperatures than 27°C.
Form. Bag-in-Box.
Native olive oil Bag-in-Box Spanien

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