Jolie Carton – le vin prêt-à-porter

Jolie Carton – the wine prêt-á-porter is the new Bag-in-Box in a living-room-style. Like our customary packaging the Jolie Carton consists of a wineskin in a carton with an integrated tap – with the difference that the Jolie Carton has got a feminine shape of a womans handbag. This way Jolie Carton combines fashion and elegance in one single design with the benefits of the Bag-in-Box packaging like long durability after opening.

With a lot of love to the detail Jolie Carton is made for wine lovers with a sense for savoir-vivre. With its fruity-fresh content Jolie Carton is especially on mild summer nights a real eye-catcher. No matter if you use it as a party accessory, as a gift or as a perfect companion on a girl’s night, Jolie Carton captives with its stylish appearance and many application possibilities. Jolie Carton represents a unique style and authentic style whine pleasure. A must-have for connoisseurs and newcomers with sense for extravagant style and high quality products. With its long durability and mobility it is the perfect partner for the night.

Enthusiastic statements

“Thank you very much for the unbelievable fast delivery of the eight Jolie Cartons. My friends are totally amazed! It was not my last order at your company, thats for sure. I am completely satisfied with your service and that is the reason why I already recommended you!”

“I tried Joli Carton the first time in this year’s holiday in Croatia, when we met a likeable couple from Heidelberg. We found out that we have got the same recreational interests and we made wonderful excursions with the watercraft. On one of our island-hopping we made a boat picnic and my new friend brought a Jolie Carton. The wine was just delicious, we had lots of fun and I am still convinced about this absolutely genius packaging! It’s the perfect idea as a present or a surprising gift….and of course to enjoy it by yourself.”

We offer Jolie Carton as Rosé, Red Wine and White Wine in the colour-matched Cartons Bild: Jolie Carton Weinhandtaschen

Picture Bag-in-Box red wine Jolie Carton

Jolie Carton Rosé

It’s a wonderful delicious Rosé with a harmonic residual sweetness and the fragrance of red berries.
La vie en rosé: this means ice-cooled fun! But beware of this handbag with a highly addictive and fun factor!
  • Acidity 16.7%
  • Sweetness 83.3%
  • Colour33.3%
  • Fruity 83.3%
  • Flower 66.6%
  • Spicy 16.7%
Content. 1,5l.
Packaging. Bag-in-Box.
Alcoholic content. 10,0%.
Wine region. Pfalz.
Cultivation district. Mittel-Hardt.
Town. Bobenheim.
Vine variety. Portugieser.
Vintage. 2013
Taste. Medium dry.

Jolie Carton Blanc (white wine)

An elegant tangy white wine with a yellow fruity scent and an aroma of peaches and apples.
La vie en blanc: this means to revel in the pleasure! But beware of this handbag with a highly addictive and fun factor!


Content. 1,5l.
Packaging. Bag-in-Box.
Alcoholic content. 12,0%.
Drinking temperature. 9-10°C.
Cultivation zone. Rheinhessen.
Vine variety. White wine Cuvée.
Vintage. 2013.
Taste. Dry.
Residual sweetness. 6,0g/l.
Picture Bag-in-Box white wine Jolie Carton

Picture Bag-in-Box rose wine Jolie Carton

Jolie Carton Rouge (Red wine)

The fruity and full bodied red wine with a deep red colour and the scent of black berries. To enjoy as a couple. But beware of this handbag with a highly addictive and fun factor!  

Aroma profile

Content. 1,5l.
Packaging. Bag-in-Box.
Alcoholic content. 12,0%.
Drinking temperature. 15-18°C.
Cultivation region. Pfalz.
Vine variety. Red wine Cuvée.
Vintage. 2013
Taste. Dry.

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