Exquisite red wine, white wine and rosé in beautiful bottles as well as in our innovative and sustainable Bag-in-Box!

The Spürnasen means the team around marketing & wine expert Stefan Beyerle. Always in search for indulgence, every Spürnasen product is personally tested and purchased directly from the producer.

The Spürnasen represent exquisite wines, sparkling wine, highly rated olive oils and innovative wine accessories. Thanks to our creative ideas, special wines and new extraordinary culinary products constantly expand our portfolio.

According to the principle “good products should be wrapped beautifully”, the Spürnasen take care that their products are not only highly rated in terms of quality. They also put an emphasis on the simple and precious design. The Spürnasen always develop their packaging with an eye for the detail. A perfect example is the Jolie Carton that combines delicious wine content with a stylish hand-bag design.

Red wine Bag-in-Box

Red wine

Good-tasting red wine, wrapped in a beautiful Bag-in-Box and definitely guaranteed no corky taste. Just perfect for the end of a day on the sofa or to enjoy it on a winter’s day in front of the fire place.
White wine Riesling dry - Bag in Box

White wine

Our highly-rated white wine gives pleasure from the first drop!
Most likely to consume at a cool temperature on your balcony in a mild summer’s night.
Rose wine Rosé dry - Bag in Box

Rosé wine

The Box’s size fits in every fridge: freshly-cooled Rosé in a stylish design! The wineskin comes in a contemporary interpretation as a Bag-in-Box. Trendy and handy!
Champagne Riesling Brut

Sparkling wine

Excellent and delicious sparkling wine (Brut), traditionally fermented in the bottle – like real champagne!
Native olive oil Bag-in-Box Greece

Olive oil

Finest olive oil in a sustainable Bag-in-Box which prevents deterioration caused by contact with oxygen.
Wine bag - Vinopren Bag-in-Box


Vinopren is our outdoor brand that connects practical application with exclusive design. The wineskin can easily be taken out of the Bag-in-Box and put in the Vinopren or in our wine fender.

Bag-in-Box wine bag - Jolie Carton

Jolie Carton

Le vin prêt-à-porter, the new interpretation of wine in a trendy Bag-in-Box: Jolie Carton is a wine skin in a stylish handbag-look. That makes it a perfect gift for every occasion and a smart companion on the way!

Advantages of the Spürnasen Bag-in-Box:

  • optimal fit for every fridges’ door
  • anti-glare fabric with aluminum surface for the wine skins, this makes the used material homogeneous, harmless to health and 100% recyclable
  • the Spürnasen wine skin consists of 9 micro layers (other providers generally use 3 to 5), which contribute significantly to the durability


  • Long-living product: once opened, its content is isolated from oxygen
  • taste-conserving: no loss of aroma for at least 4 months after opening, no synthetic taste, no corky taste
  • weight-saving: 40% less weight than glass bottles
  • space-saving: 40% less volume compared to glass bottles (cuboid form is volume efficient)
  • economical: reasonable packaging – leaves more capacity for the content (the same wine in the Bag-in-Box can be offered cheaper than in a glass bottle)

Sustainable eco-friendly packaging

  • waste disposal: 100% recyclable
  • convenient CO² footprint: less weight and high volume efficiency compared to glass-bottles
  • food safe: the applied synthetics for the skins are produced without plasticizers and phenols and even in accord with the strict criteria of “suitable for babies”

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