The Bag-in-Box packaging innovation

In a world of culinary pleasures which discovers organically produced products, sustainable consumption and CO₂ balance more and more as a future trend, this subject should be looked at and questioned holistically – therefore also the packaging. The newly developed inner hose is being used for the first time in Germany, it consists of 9 wafer thin micro sheets that ensure air and gas impermeability, include no plasticizers or phenols, which makes it even safe for newborns – this of course plays a special role in juice products. A missing steaming of aluminium as a light barrier guarantees a complete and resource protecting recyclability of the hose during separated disposal.

The Bag-in-Box

The outer packaging is produced out of natural, re-growing wood fibres, which can easily get recycled in the paper waste.

Advantages of the boxes:

  • Long durability
  • No air contact, therefore no oxidation
  • Perfect cooling properties on the basis of shape and material
  • Low weight: BiB packaging needs only 5% of the whole weight. 40% when it is glass
  • Space saving: Up until 98% volume efficiency. 40% better than with bottle shape
  • Environmental friendlyness: Disposal 100% recyclable. Low weight. Very good CO₂-balance

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