About us


Stefan Beyerle:
Stefan Beyerle is a marketing and wine expert who turned his passion for culinary products and wine to a profession and founded the Spürnasen start-up in 2012. One of his goals is to publish the eco-friendly packaging form Bag-in-Box, which has been treated poorly in Germany so far. With his schooled eye for detail, Stefan chose both the simple but classy Spürnasen Design and the CI-Colours. Thanks to his creative ideas he keeps on expanding the Spürnasen- Portfolio with new culinary quality products and innovative accessories.

Steffen Michler:
The studied physiologist for senses Steffen Michler is internationally known as a wine expert (priced as wine expert of the year 2002 by the German magazine FEINSCHMECKER). Due to its knowledge in the fields of wine and sensor system, he is the ideal Spürnasen partner to regularly track new wines with all senses.

Patrick von Vacano:
Patrick von Vacano is a very well-known expert in the world of wines (he is also called the walking wine encyclopedia). He used to work as a sommelier in some of the best European restaurants and is a member of the Spürnasen since September 2014. Patrick is still active in the wine business and counsels gastronomy and trade in wine-matters. Other than that, he is involved in another culinary field, the wonderful world of chocolates.

Lydia Zobel:
Lydia is taking care of the marketing and is also our queen of the social media. With a lot of enthusiasm she informs everyone via Facebook and Instagram about all the Spürnasen news. She also organizes the popular Spürnasen on tour wine tours. And if you’d like to read her Spürnasen Newsletter, just register on our list.

Cornelia Reure:
Stress-proofed with four men at home, Cornelia set herself the goal to structure the numbers and finances of the Spürnasen. As our minister of finance she cares about all matters of accounting, onlineshop, controlling and calculation. Thanks to her french husband, Cornelia is tracking the delight also in private and therefor fits perfectly into the Spürnasen team.

Sarah Schütze:
Sarah, our creative goldsmith with a penchant for aesthetics and perfection, cares about all kinds of visual communication. Sarah doesn’t only lead the Spürnasen into the moving-image era but also puts a new glow into our pictorial world. Apart from that she takes care of customer service and is responsible for our Spürnasen Onlineshop.


Last but not least, we want to mention the ones without who we’d be up a creek: our world best and always optimistic student trainees!

There is Daniel, our head of IT and Master of disaster, who sometimes has to work his way through several desperate Spürnasen cries for help. Daniel is our Onlineshop hero who doesn’t only know all about Magento but also magically finds long believed to be lost orders.

Larissa is our youngest member and rejuvenates the Spürnasen with her trendy way. The recent high school graduate knows all the hotspots in the Rhein-Neckar-metropolitan region and supplies us with hip hashtags, which we would have never thought of ourselves. Larissa never gets tired of doing lots of research for us.


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